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There are many games available nowadays.In the world of thousands of games who better to give us the answer to what are the most common games than a gaming site itself.

“I would say lately three games have really topped up the charts for us. They are all a bit different in approach, but in general all of these games get lots of attention and we have been extremely surprised how often people come back to play them.”

So let us dig into these three games and reviews of the users why do they like these games.

Jack and the Beanstalk Game

Game Type – Online Slot Game

Features – 3 Lines, 5 Reels and Up to 20 Win Lines

Wager Range – E0.01-0.50

Welcome Bonus – Upto 200E and 25 Free Spins

Jack and the Beanstalk is an online slot game that will surely remind you of the well-known fairy tale about a boy, a beanstalk and a fierce giant.It starts with an animated video of the story that will surely grasp your attention.

It consists of 3 lines, 5 reels and up to 20 win lines that are found on the left and right side of the online slot game. This online slot game has the usual layout of the NetEnt software platform.At the bottom you can find the play button, the autoplay button and the max bet button. On the right of the max bet button is the coin value button and the coin button which shows the amount that the player can wager which varies from E0.01-0.50.

Special Features:

  • The wild feature in this online slot game is the walking wild icon which is the logo of Jack and the Beanstalk.

    Every time the player encounters this icon a re-spin is generated. If the wild icon remains in the reels re-spins will be repeated and the symbols will move one place to the left increasing the chances for more winnings.

  • Another great feature of this online slot game is the treasure chest icon which gives you the chance to increase winnings as it awards you with 10 free rounds if it appears on the slot 3 times!

    But that's not all.

  • Another fantastic feature of this online slot game is the treasure collection feature which occurs in the free spins. This is in combination with collecting the keys which appear in the 5th reel. Depending on how many keys you accumulate the wild feature changes from money bags (3 keys) to golden hens (6 keys) to golden harps (9 keys) thus moving to the left offering the player a chance to win more money.

The layout of Jack and the Beanstalk online slot game is lively and colourful featuring the characters and symbols from the story.The graphics and the sound effects are amazing and will truly attract the players!

User Review:

Elsa 23 years old from Malmo “I always used to love the story of Jack and the beanstalk, so when I was browsing on the internet online games and saw it I immediately started playing it! The graphics are fantastic and the game offers many opportunities to increase your winnings with all the wild features, play with VonBets as they seem to know what they are doing. I think customer service is also very important if help is need.”

Cosmic Fortune Game

Game Type – Online Slot Game

Features – 5 reels and 3 rows and 15 lines

Wager Range – E0.02-0.50

Earn Money – Upto 200E and 25 Free Spins

Cosmic Fortune Game is a NetEnt powered game with the added feature of a jackpot that takes the players to outer space!

It begins with a video that will remind you of a 80s computer game of flying saucers destroying a city. It has the basic format of the NetEnt online games! It has 5 reels and 3 rows and 15 lines. At the bottom of the screen is the play button and on the right is the maxbet button and on the left the autoplay button. Next to the autoplay button is the icon which shows the levels from 1-10 and next to the maxbet button is the coin value icon. The players can wager from E0.02-0.50.

Special Features:

  • Cosmic fortune game has a special feature, the avalanche feature which helps the player increase winnings. When the player has a winning combination the symbols explode and disappear leaving room for new symbols. But that's not it.
  • There are the scatter symbols too which award the player with free spins.There is more.
  • The symbols found on the winning paylines become marbles that come out of a spaceship and depending on what you hit the game can turn into a jackpot game.

The jackpot game is where the player can earn more money! The player can win three jackpots in a row.Marbles drop out of the spaceship awarding the player with extra winnings. If the player is lucky and gets one of the collector cup 3 times then he has the chance to win the Mega jackpot!

The graphics in this game are great and will surely remind players of a PC game that they have played in the past.

Cosmic Fortune is an entertaining online slot game. What make it such a great game are its jackpot features which of course increase the players' winnings. Its design and animations are lively and they have a futuristic theme which will surely grasp your attention.

User Review:

Thomas form Toronto 23 years old “This game is brilliant! The added feature of the jackpots really can increase winnings! I also love the space theme.”

Steam Tower Game

Game Type – Slot Machines Game

Features – 5 reels, 3 row and 15 bet line

Wager Range – E0.01 to 1.00

Welcome Bonus – Upto 200E and 25 Free Spins

Steam Tower is a slot machines game takes the players back to the 19th century Victorian Era.The goal of this game is basically to climb up to the 16th floor tower in order to save the beautiful princess from the nasty dragon! It is a 5 reels, 3 row and 15 bet line slot machines game.

The layout of this slot machines game is similar to most NetEnt games.

At the bottom of the screen is the play button. On the right is the Max bet button and next to it the coin value icon which shows the amount the player can wager which is from as little as E0.01 to 1.00. On the left side of the play button is the autoplay button and the icon which shows the levels which range from 1-10.

Special Features:

  • What makes this slot machines game intriguing and unique is that it is stacked with wilds that appear on the screen which are the grappling gun and the hero.
  • The more grappling gun symbols the player gets, the higher they go up the tower winning free spins and benefitting from the increasing multipliers thus maximizing the winnings.
  • If the player reaches the top floor they get a 7x multiplier and of course rescue the lovely princess from the ferocious dragon!!

The graphics of this slot machines game are great and really remind you of a 19th century movie with the beautiful princess and the tough hero!Coupled with the music it takes the players back in time.

What will definitely win you over in this slot machines game are the stacked wilds and all the free spins. The free spins help you climb up the tower and in this way increase your winnings! The higher you go the more you win. And of course the journey to save the princess from the dragon and reach the top of the tower will remind you of games you have surely played!

User Review:

Ella 28, from Montreal “I love playing Steam Tower Game because it has a lot of free spins which really can increase winnings! The higher you go up the tower the more you win! It's great! I absolutely adore the theme of the princess and the hero.”

This online slot games will surely grasp your attention with its striking animations and the familiar story that takes you back in time to when you were a child!But most importantly all the wild features that appear on your screen will increase your chances of winning!

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