How to Remove Difficult Fake Nails Easily and Quickly

There are many ways we can do to get long and beautiful nails instantly, one of them is by using fake nails. Special treatment is needed to stick the fake nails on our fingers. If the fake nails have been used, they are usually difficult to remove. Then, how to remove those difficult fake nails?

The diverse motifs and colors of fake nails often make women to wear them. Indeed, fake nails can make nails more beautiful. Especially if you are the activity must be supported with maximum appearance. Long and beautiful nails can be one of the keys.

You need to know that wearing fake nails will not damage the real nails, as long as you diligently perform routine maintenance and remove the fake nails properly and carefully. However, it does not mean that the use of false nails is free from health risks, you know. Ladies. Ingredients contained in false nails can increase the risk of health disorders such as allergies, infections and damage to the nails themselves.

Another problem that may often be experienced by those of you who often wear fake nails is letting go of them. Too strong fake nail glue makes it difficult to remove. If this happens, you should not force it to be removed because the original nail could be damaged. Well, here are tips on how to get rid of hard -to -remove fake nails easily:

How To Get Rid Of Difficult False Nails Using Acetone

Cut the fake nails closer to the length of the original nails to make it easier for you when removing the fake nails later.

Soak the fingers that contain the fake nails by using acetone to release the glue on the fake nails.

If you already feel that the false nails are soft, immediately push with a tool to remove the false nails.

Repeat and clean until there are no more fake nails and cara melepas kuku palsu glue sticking to the nails.

Clean the nails again and pat dry.

You can apply a petroleum gel moisturizer if your nails are dry.

How To Get Rid Of Difficult Fake Nails Without Using Acetone

Soak your nails in warm water mixed with a little soap for 15 minutes. Soapy water will make the false nails softer so that you can release them more easily.

If the fake nails have started to soften, the dentures start from the loose nail area.

Do not forcibly remove false nails if they are difficult to remove. Soak again with soapy water until the false nails are completely soft.

Use nail polish to clean the remaining glue. If the fake nail has come off and the real nail is a bit dry, you can use the gloss side of the nail polish to remove the remaining glue.

If it is completely gone, rinse with water until the nails are completely clean.

Other Tips to Get Rid of Difficult Fake Nails Easily

You need to know, using fake nails for too long can damage the original texture and shape of the nails. Oxygen on the nails can be blocked due to false nail glue attached to the cuticle. This results in the nails becoming increasingly brittle and easily broken. So, don’t wear fake nails for a relatively long time, ladies!

The ethyl methacrylate content in false nails also increases the risk of allergies. If you install false nails incorrectly, it will also trigger the occurrence of fungus or bacteria on the open nail slits. It’s a good idea when you install these fake nails with the help of an expert, yes.

Similarly, when you want to remove fake nails, you should not do it alone. Do it at a trusted beauty salon to be safer with the help of experts. When you force the removal of fake nails, it will make old nails become crushed and damaged.

It is important for you to always pay attention to how to remove good and correct nails. Hope this article can be useful for you.

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