Shop Jeen Going Out of Business?

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Shop Jeen spokesperson Sarah Elissa said the company has “struggled for over a month now to resolve issues with our payment system and website.” Shop Jeen was having problems working out solutions, she said, and, “Our technical team is in direct contact with the credit card processor and will soon be back on line.”

The website will be fully operational soon and everything is fine, she said, adding, “Nothing is more important than customer service and sincerely sorry for the disruption in services. Our customers deserve better.” She added that they are working with the card processor, Citi, to get everything back on line.

There were a lot of problems with Shop Jeen’s credit card payment systems, according to one source. When they went into bankruptcy, people were not too concerned about the quality of the products that they had for sale on the website. However, when the problems began to arise, they became concerned because many people were losing money.

The system that went in the bankruptcy was faulty because it required that people pay via credit card, which is not acceptable. The system also charged people automatically without them even being aware of the system. They had to log into the system every time and were charged.

When Shop Jein was declared bankrupt, they switched over to using a different credit card processing system. However, this system required that a credit card is attached to each individual account.

The credit card processing system is not working, according to the website. It has been very slow to process payments. The website still says that they hope to have everything back up and running soon. If you cherished this short article and you would like to obtain far more details about big eye shrimp kindly check out our own webpage. Some people who have shopped at their site are still waiting for their money.

Many people’s bank accounts were closed when they filed bankruptcy. The credit card companies who have stopped business transactions with Shop Jeen have yet to make a final decision, according to the website. This could be a sign that things are going to be a while longer.

Some people are worried that Shop Jeen might go out of business entirely. However, the site says that it will stay in operation, but it could take a little longer to do so.

Some customers are disappointed because they were not satisfied with the level of service that they received from the company, according to the website. If they can’t get the problems resolved, they may not be willing to buy products from this department store any longer.

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