Is it Possible to Stain or Paint Stacked Stone Panels For Protection?

We are constantly looking out for newer styles of ledger panels to bring earthy looks and unique textures to the environment.The problem is that the most exquisite natural stone varieties slowly fade over time. Is there a solution? One affordable approach is the quick process of staining or painting the stacked stone.

You must be eager to get that fabulous new look to the aging fireplace and perhaps improving upon the curb attractiveness!Get informed of some particular considerations that you need to watch out for.

As you get ready to stain your stacked stone

Arctic White Stacked Stone

Before you start the process of staining the stacked stone, it is very important to clean it thoroughly to get rid of dirt, debris, dust and stains that are bound to accumulate over time.Scrub with a strong brush and then let the surfaces dry. If outdoors, a pressure washer gives a fast and deep clean.

Stains can become a big headache. You need an electric sander that would buff away the stains. Then rinse the stacked stone with water and Panele leave it to dry.Certain sealers would help by protecting the surface and giving it a wet appearance. This would make it possible to improve upon the looks without stains.

How do you apply the stain to the stacked stone?

Durango Cream Stacked Stone

The process of staining the stone veneer panels restores that attractive original surface beauty.

You need a bristle brush for the application of the stain. The brand will carry instructions about the temperature and the period for the stain to dry. After the drying is done, you need to apply sealant with a bristle brush and let it dry again. Avoid touching the overhauled stone for a minimum of 24 hours.

How to paint the stacked stone

Fossil Rustic Stacked Stone

If you know the staining process, something similar is followed by way of preparation for the painting. Use a stiff scrub brush and vinegar to get rid of the grime and dust, debris and dirt.Paint will stick to clean surfaces better for sure. After rinsing with water, let the stone dry well. Natural stone having a porous surface, use a spray bottle to moisten the surface. The paint will not soak deep in.

Do you need to apply a primer on the stone?

What happens if you paint a dark stone in a lighter color? You need to apply an acrylic latex primer. Using a primer is economical too if you use one coat of primer and one coat of paint. Alternatively, several coats of paint may be required without the primer.

Getting down to Painting the Stacked Stone

The Golden White Stacked Stone pretty look!

Why should you substitute your stacked stone when painting would bring a fabulous facelift? Follow a modern approach with a latex acrylic stucco paint for a perfectly finished look.A paint-mixing tool would bring a uniform color. In order to apply the paint well, use a heavy nap roller meant for masonry. Use a paint tray too. You need to fill up the cracks well and a paintbrush or sponge would serve the purpose well.

Confidential Tips

Roman Beige Stacked Stone

Use a drop cloth to protect the floor if you wish to paint or stain a big stretch.Working indoors, keep the doors and windows open for excellent ventilation and buy ton-toxic products otherwise.

We bring you an enormous selection of . The modern appeal of natural stone ledger panels will last almost forever. Painting or staining them would never be needed.

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