CEO Jack Dorsey took his love of cryptocurrency to the next level this week, showing off a clock that displays cryptocurrency prices.

Dorsey was in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, 비트겟 킹스컵 one of several prominent tech figures talking about social media disinformation, especially in regards to the Capitol attack.

But he was appearing remotely, 비트겟 킹스컵 the way most congressional hearings are held during the pandemic.

Because of that, people watching the stream could see empty glass bottles behind Dorsey’s head, as well as stacks of plates and bowls and something that looked like a clock beside him. 

During his appearance at the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, Jack Dorsey’s BlockClock Mini (circled) was put on full display for cryptocurrency lovers

Pictured: The BlockClock Mini being sold on the Coinkite website for $399

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    The device is a BlockClock Mini, which is being sold online by Coinkite for $399. 

    The 30x10cm device can ‘track prices from exchanges, see blocks as they are published by miners and connect Opendime to display balance, fiat value, 비트겟 킹스컵 and deposit QR codes,’ according to its description.

    Some people on Dorsey’s social media platform couldn’t help but to laugh at the bizarre background item.

    ‘It’s the number of F’s he’s given today,’ said one user.

    ‘Forget the clock….look at dude’s cult leader head,’ said another, pointing to Dorsey’s unkempt appearance. 

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