Confessions of a 'professional shopper': How I save more than £100 a month

Confessions of a ‘professional shopper’: The secret to saving over £100 a month

A new wave of ‘professional shoppers’, who look hard for bargains and spread their findings on social networks, are scaring supermarkets and retailers with their military style attitude towards shopping.

Yesterday, Morrisons said that emergence of such a breed of consumers had helped the company to lift its full-year profits.

The UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain reported a profit of £947m in 2011, up 8.4 per cent on the previous year.

Professional shopper: Sarah Bromfield saves around £100 a month just from a few simple savvy shopping tricks.

We spoke to one ‘professional shopper’, Sarah Bromfield, who claims to save more than £100 a month with her savvy secret shopping tips.

Sarah, who runs her own holiday letting company in Dorset, said that she uses forums and websites to find the latest deals.


  • Search for discounts or cheaper equivalents online before hitting the shops.
  • Use cashback websites when shopping online to earn extra cash.
  • Wait for a deal or price offer if you buy items regularly – but make sure the discount is genuine.
  • Check out your local car boot sale. Fruit and veg is often cheaper AND fresher.
  • Use forums and websites to find out the latest and best deals.

She said: ‘I do food shopping on a daily basis but always spend time searching on the internet for deals. I often spend hours trawling through websites to make sure I don’t miss anything.’

She added that she doesn’t just use websites to spot offers and discounts but will often print out vouchers and coupons to save her money when she reaches the till.

And it’s not just food that Sarah applies her shopping skills to. She said: ‘I’m savvy with all my shopping.If I want something from Topshop I will check EBay Electronics Cars Fashion Collectibles Coupons And More first to see if I can get it cheaper from there.’

The 27 year-old also confessed to bulk-buying items when they are on offer. She said: ‘Whenever I see packaged rice on offer I buy a load of it to last me until it’s on offer again.

‘If something is expensive and I know it has been on offer before then I will wait until it comes up again. It’s tough waiting out for EBay Electronics Cars Fashion Collectibles Coupons And EBay Electronics Cars Fashion Collectibles Coupons And More More the offers but it’s worth it in the end as you will save money.’ 

‘Its the same with Boots.You know that there will be a voucher coming round again, so I just hold out to buy my beauty stuff until it does.’



Sarah also uses cashback websites to earn money when shopping online.

She said: ‘In two years I have made just over £1,200 from using cashback website Quidco.

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